Find the best health insurance designed for expats.

Established over 31 years ago, our insurance office has been a trusted provider of comprehensive insurance solutions. With decades of experience in the industry, we have cultivated a deep understanding of our clients' needs and strive to offer personalized services tailored to each individual. Our commitment to excellence and unwavering integrity set us apart as the premier choice for all your insurance needs in Greece.

We  help you find the right private medical insurance, based on your needs and budget.

We can offer you affordable health insurance quotes for individuals, couples and families.

The plan pays the cost of your treatment in a private hospital  as a result of an accident or illness. Choose where you want to have treatment.

Direct coverage in case of an emergency 24/7 to all private hospitals.

Worldwide coverage.

Emergency transport and air transport.

Direct payment from the insurance company for all the expenses.

24/7 call center for medical advice and information.

24/7  support from our office. An agent always next to you.

Cancer care. Full cover for cancer treatment including chemotherapy, radiotherapy, immunotherapy.

Additional benefits:

  1. Coverage for the expenses for the accompanying person for underage patients.
  2. Diagnostic tests.
  3. Free checkup.
  4. Medical consultations.
  5. Medical consultations at home.
  6. Dental care.
  7. Physiotherapies.
  8. Primary healthcare package through diagnostic centers.
  9. Private-duty nurse at the hospital in Greece.
  10. Exams, surgery and treatments without hospitalization.
  11. Free choice of surgeon/specialist in case of a surgery. We can provide you the best surgeon for your case.
  12. Full coverage for plastic surgeries in case of skin cancer, breast cancer, and in case of accidents.

"Jason is an incredibly kind person and very helpful agent. We had just moved to Greece last August and he spoke perfect English and helped us find the right insurance for our children. He met us at home or outside, bought us a coffee and patiently explained the whole process. He even received messages 24 hours a day. I highly recommend him!!"

Tania Goudas-Client

"Perfect approach from Mr. Stefanou with sensitivity and professionalism. He immediately won our trust with his deep knowledge of the subject of insurance and we are sure that he will be by our family's side when we need him."

Maria Galiatsatou-Client

"Jason helped me convert my previous insurance plan into a new, better, more competitive and cheaper one than the previous one! in addition, he makes sure to monitor our customer relationship and keep me informed. the exceptional quality of his office's services literally allows me to sleep much more soundly in the almost 2 years that Jason has been acting as my insurer"

Tasos Ladas-Client

"Our cooperation for a year has been perfect! Both Mr. Iasonas and his partner Anna-Maria are very helpful, immediately available and find a solution to any problem I face. I definitely feel happy about my choice to work with them."

Gefi Giabanni-Client

Important questions.

How can I choose the right health plan?
After contacting us, we will fill out a form with your needs. Τhen we will suggest you the appropriate insurance plan. You have no obligation for this process.

If I want to insure my family what should i watch out for?
There are policies that give great discounts to other family members. Children up to 18 years old can be insured under a family policy and remain insured with their parents with discounts until they reach the age of 24-25 years old. Afterwards they are insured in an individual policy.

What should I be aware  when i choose a hospital plan?
The terms and conditions  are very important in an insurance policy and they play a very important role.

The terms and conditions will determine whether you will be compensated for your future hospitalization.

If I am having health issues can  I get insurance?

All insurance companies want to insure healthy people.
If someone who has experienced in the past a disease or is suffering from a disease, then insurance companies can deny this person's insurance.
Due to experience and technical knowledge, we have the opportunity to apply for insurance with a high probability of success.
We have already insured several people who are experiencing health problems or had serious medical problems in the past.

After our contact and after recording your needs and your medical history we have the ability and the know-how to propose an insurance plan that will cover you.

 If I get insured can I terminate my insurance afterwards?

You have no commitment to continue your policy.

I have group insurance from my work. Do I need personal insurance?

You need an individual insurance policy because it covers you with high hospitalization amounts and  you can have it for life .
All group insurance policies cover up to a small amount of medical expenses. At the same time you will have a participation in the hospitalization expenses of 20% because your group policy usually covers 80% of the medical expenses.

Do health programs cost too much?

We can offer you an insurance plan tailored to your needs.

What do I need to get health insurance?

  • To give your medical history after being called by the insurance company or to fill in a medical questionnaire.
  • To undergo a physical exam if required.

Why to choose us as your insurance advisors

1.We give you a choice.

We know the terms of insurance policies and the benefits of the policy.

 2.You do not have to spend time filling out many different online applications to get your own comparisons. With our knowledge of the market we can find the best insurance policy adapted on your needs.

3. We are qualified experts. We can explain in simple terms the complexity of insurance, helping you make the right decisions.

 4.We are your personal consultants - Working with you face to face, we become your personal counselor, taking the time to listen to you and to understand your individual needs.

5.We can cover all your insurance needs by providing health, pension, car, housing, civil liability and business insurance services.

  6.We are counselors for a lifetime. We are there to help you through all the changes in your life, and to support you at all times.

At ΗΕALTH INSURANCE, we are committed to excellence. My name is Jason Stefanou and my qualifications include 30 years of experience in insurance sales and thousands of happy customers. My experience also includes knowledge of life insurance and underwriting.
My daughter Anna Maria Stefanou is also an insurance agent.
We are committed to help you choose the best insurance policy for your needs. We are counselors for a lifetime - we are here to help you through all the changes in your life, and to support you at all times

Jason Stefanou.

Certified insurance Agent.

Anna Maria Stefanou.

Certified insurance Agent.

Our central offices in Kallithea Athens.