Covered expenses in case of hospitalization or emergency treatment include:

  • 700.00 to 1.500.000 hospital expenses-yearly.
  • 100% coverage with no deductible or you can choose a plan with a deductible amount.
  • One Day Hospitalization. Hospitalization costs for treatments or surgeries that do not require an overnight stay in the Hospital are covered.
  • Room with one bed two beds or lux category.
  • Coverage to all private hospitals.
  • Direct payment for the expenses from the insurance company.
  • Full coverage in case of emergency.
  • Full coverage in case of an accident.
  • Coverage for fees for surgeons, anestheologists and attending physicians of another specialties.
  • Pay of private nurse. Expenses for private nursing services are covered, as long as they are medically necessary.
  • Coverage  for the use of Intensive Care Units or Advanced Care Units.
  • Costs of medicines, oxygen, bandages, plaster casts.
  • Costs for the use of the hospital's medical equipment (e.g. heart support machines and lungs),surgery and anesthesia costs, costs for intravenous solutions, injections and serums, transfusions, costs for x-rays, electrocardiograms,  and other tests.
  • Costs for chemotherapy and radiation therapy.
  • Costs for cosmetic surgery costs due to an accident.
  • Costs of purchasing prosthetic body parts (e.g. arm, leg) and costs of corrective devices (e.g. valves heart, pacemaker).
  • BRCA1 AND BRCA2 GENE womens cancer coverage. Women with BRCA1-BRCA2 mutations have an increased risk of developing breast cancer (50% -85%).
  • Coverage of all autoimmune diseases.
  • Coverage for pregnancy complications and termination of pregnancy.
  • Cover for repair plastics for aesthetic effect of breast cancer and skin cancer, coverage for all cancers and heart diseases.
  • All other diseases and hospitalization for accidents are also covered.
  • Transplants Expenses.

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